How does it work?

With the help of a trained lifestyle coach and the support of a small group of people, you will reach your goals to work towards a healthier future. Classes focus on how to make better food choices, become more physically active, and find ways to manage problems and stress.

 By eating healthier and increasing physical activity, you can lose 5 to 7 percent of your body weight – that is 10 to 14 pounds for a person weighing 200 pounds.


This is a 16-week program, followed by monthly support sessions to help you maintain your skills and changes.


Core Phase

  • Improve your eating habits without giving up all of your favorite foods
  • Add physical activity to your daily routine
  • Cope with stress and challenges without forgoing your hard work
  • Get back on track when you might stray from your goals


Maintenance Phase


 The maintenance phase includes at least six lessons that occur monthly. These lessons provide additional support and cover more specific topics such as tackling holidays and special events, time management, food preparation/recipe modification, and long-term maintenance.


Incentives are available for participants to help you achieve your goals. Portion plates, food scales, fitness trackers, and more are offered to encourage adhesion to program specific goals.


Changing your lifestyle is hard, but we are here to help!



The cost for this program varies by location. Ranges for the program are from $5 - $25.


Have you had an A1c test within the last year?

Prediabetics ranges for A1c are 5.7% - 6.4%. If you have an A1c score in this range, then this program is for you! However, you do not have to an A1c in this range to enter the program.


Were you diagnosed with gestational diabetes?

If you were diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you automatically qualify for this program.


Have you taken the CDC Prediabetes Screening Quiz?

This short screening is an easy way to know your risk for prediabetes. To take the test, click  here .


Our Mission

Diabetes is an ongoing epidemic, slated to effect 1 in 3 adults by 2050. With appropriate intervention, our mission is to stop the conversion of pre-diabetics to diabetics. This will help individuals experience fuller, healthier lives with fewer years of poor health.

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